Coastcare Victoria supports volunteers and community organisations, but does not organise or coordinate volunteer opportunities.  Please view the interactive map, groups and projects below to help find a volunteer group or opportunity which suits you.

Interactive Map showing Environmental Volunteering Opportunities across Victoria

Environmental Volunteering Opportunities - We're making it easy for people interested in environmental volunteering to get involved through local groups.
It's as simple as 1. Zoom 2. Click 3. Connect
  1. Zoom into the location you're interested in.  Each dot point represents a volunteer group.
  2. Click on a dot to see the following info: Group name, core activities, contact details (Facebook or website).  Multiple groups may be represented by an individual dot.  To access all groups use the arrow keys at the top of the pop up box).
  3. Connect with the group through their website contact details or social media platforms and let them know you're keen to participate.

Is your volunteer group missing in action?

Contact us at to ensure your group's information is up to date do you can recruit and connect with potential volunteers.

Please note: We understand that enviornmental volunteering occurs across local government areas (LGA) and CMA boundaries and that groups undertake lots of different activities - to make this map simple we have allocated a Primary LGA/CMA and activity category.  The legend showing activity types can be accessed on the top right of the map.

Looking for a specific group or project?

Programs that run across the State can be found in 'Find a Volunteer Group' below and specific types of projects can be found in 'Find a Volunteer Project' below.  If you think we should add anything to these lists, please email us at

Page last updated: 30/07/21