What is beach renourishment?

A beach renourishment is the introduction of sand to a beach which has been depleted through coastal processes (wind, waves and tidal flow) and storm events.

Renourishments can be undertaken through a variety of methods including dredging, sand relocation and the introduction of clean quarry sand. They provide a buffer against coastal erosion and widen the beach for improved community use.

Port Phillip Bay Beaches Renourishment program

We are delivering the $8 million Port Phillip Bay Beaches Renourishment program.

The program was funded in the 2018-19 Victorian Budget to deliver $8 million over 4 years to renourish and stabilise up to 12 beaches around Port Phillip Bay.

It aims to utilise renourishment and sand management measures to protect local foreshores from storm surge, wave attack and climate change sea level rise, protecting foreshore Crown land and critical infrastructure.

The program is coordinated by the Statewide Coastal Programs team and is delivered in partnership with the Barwon South West and Port Phillip regions.

Beaches scheduled for renourishment from 2018-19 to 2021-22

The following renourishment projects have been prioritised following an independent assessment and we are working with local land managers to deliver them. Another 3 locations are to be determined.

Open coast beaches

Beaches renourished outside of the $8 million Port Phillip Bay Beaches Renourishment program include:

Apollo Bay and Marengo

Page last updated: 06/08/21