Draft Moolap Plan

The draft Moolap Plan was open for public consultation between 19 April 2017 and 31 May 2017.

The draft Moolap Plan was presented to the community including land owners, organisations, businesses and the general public for feedback to help refine the final Moolap Plan.

The draft Moolap Plan was informed by background research, feedback from two rounds of community engagement, and consideration of the feasibility and strategic implications of different land uses.

View the Draft Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan (PDF, 3.4 MB)
View the Draft Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan (DOCX, 59.8 KB)

Background Report

The Background Report was prepared by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, with input from various government agencies. It contains comprehensive information on the site's physical and technical attributes, existing conditions and supply, opportunities and constraints, implications for potential development and a list of relevant Commonwealth, state and local legislation and strategic plans.

View the Background Report (PDF, 6.9 MB).

Deakin University Case Study Analysis Research

Deakin University was commissioned in March 2016 to develop a research report that would support work on the Moolap Plan.

The brief was to identify a range of brownfield redevelopment case studies that demonstrate attributes that may inform future land use options for the subject site of the Moolap Plan. The case studies consider a range of environmental, economic and social issues related to the redevelopment of saltpans, low-lying land and/or contaminated brownfield sites, and include examples of alternative land uses ranging from exemplary low-impact ecological scenarios through to progressive or iconic urban renewal and regeneration schemes.

View the Case Study Analysis (PDF, 16.8 MB).

Terms of Reference

The Minister for Environment announced the need for the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan in August 2015. The Terms of Reference (PDF, 2.6 MB) for the plan, which were approved by the Minister for Planning, outline the plan's purpose and its preparation.

Our Coast

The Our Coast project is a partnership with community, all levels of government and coastal management agencies to successfully respond to the challenges of climate change.

The Our Coast Project has recently completed the Geelong-Queenscliff Coastal Mapping Project, identifying areas that may experience sea level rise. The research involved a technical assessment looking at issues including catchment inundation, storm surge and erosion. The assessment includes a series of maps showing the potential impact of sea level rise scenarios and severe weather events.

Visit Our Coast.

Alcoa's master planning process for the Point Henry site

Alcoa has commenced its own review of its land holdings at Point Henry, which will include community engagement. The EPA is currently working with Alcoa on the strategy for land remediation related to the former aluminium operations. Alcoa is preparing a masterplan for its land (called Point Henry 575), and that will be considered along with all other submissions received to inform the final Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan.

More information on Alcoa's community engagement can be found on the Alcoa website.

Environmental Protection Authority

EPA recognises the importance land use planning has in achieving the broader purpose of the Environment Protection Act 1970. EPA's role in planning is outlined in Purpose and role of EPA in land-use planning matters (PDF, 104.2 KB).

This includes providing advice at the policy development, structure planning, planning scheme amendment and planning permit application stages.

In accordance with this role, EPA will assist with decisions regarding land use (with regard to the environment and amenity protection) and the clean-up of decommissioned industrial sites.  

EPA is providing input on proposed land use and development and environmental risks associated with the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan.

EPA also has statutory responsibilities for some premises in the study area, and general responsibility to investigate pollution reports as outlined in How EPA responds to Pollution reports (PDF, 615.6 KB).

Former Cheetham Saltworks site and Ridley Corporation's market led proposal

The Victorian Government needs to consider the future of the area in the context of economic development and environmental sustainability objectives.  The Moolap site has diverse issues including the more immediate matters of heritage and asbestos contamination.

Ridley Corporation put forward a market led proposal to purchase Crown land and redevelop the site for marinas, housing, commercial facilities, a golf course and wetlands. The former government entered into exclusive negotiations with Ridley Corporation in October 2014.

In April 2015, the Government discontinued exclusive negotiations with Ridley Corporation and agreed to commence this strategic land use analysis of the area.

Ridley Corporation is welcome to submit information about any concepts. This will be considered along with all other submissions received during the preparation of the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan.

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