Portarlington seawall

We are seeking community input to understand how people use and value the section of coastline at the base of the cliffs on the eastern side of the Portarlington harbour.

A recent structural assessment by independent coastal engineers on behalf of DELWP found the seawall located there has deteriorated and is in poor to very poor condition. It identified significant sections of failed concrete footings, eroded mortar, and weathered concrete wave deflectors and capping. This has resulted in masonry becoming dislodged and scattered along the shore in front of the structure.

The seawall was built to protect the cliffs from erosion and storm damage.

Studies confirm this part of the coast is under increasing pressure with more storm events and rising sea levels. In its current state, the existing seawall will not provide adequate long-term protection for the cliffs.

Portarlington seawallPortarlington seawallPortarlington seawall

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Responses to the questions in the below survey will assist DELWP in developing options to address the deteriorating seawall and understand the importance of this particular location in the context of the wider Portarlington area.

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Hard copies of this survey are available at the Portarlington Post Office.

Survey closing date: Friday 30 October 2020

Page last updated: 15/12/20