Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a grant for more than one project?


Can I apply for a grant in this funding opportunity and the next one?


Can I apply for a grant if I have received Coastcare funding in the past?

Yes. As long as all your project reports from previous funded projects have been submitted, as required in your previous funding agreement. If your project has not yet been completed, please discuss your new application with your Coastcare facilitator as you may need to demonstrate progress on your project before being considered eligible to apply.

Will I be required to match funding or in kind support?

No. However, projects that can demonstrate additional contributions from their group, volunteers or partners will be prioritised over others.

How do I submit an application?

Please contact your local Coastcare Facilitator to discuss your project ideas and request an application form.

Can I submit a paper application?

Yes, paper applications will be accepted, however, a digital application via email is preferred.

Can I get help to complete my application?

Yes. Please contact your Regional Coastcare Facilitator (see program guidelines for contact details).

How can I find out what species are indigenous to my project area?

You can visit the Biodiversity Interactive map for more information on native vegetation in your area

Zoom to the location of your project (1:25,000 scale), open the Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVC) Map Layer on the right, tick the box on the 1750's EVC layer and the labels icon and hit Refresh Map. The EVC for your area will be shown.

To find out what species make up the EVC, see the EVC Benchmarks at

Use the map to find the Bioregion your project is in, click on the Bioregion name, then select the relevant EVC/s and view a PDF of the recommended species for your site.

Page last updated: 09/06/17