The three-year term of the Victorian Coastal Council ended on 30 June 2018. Previously, a new Council would be appointed for another term. However, there are major and exciting changes happening to the way Victoria manages its marine and coastal environments.
The Marine and Coastal Bill was passed in the Victorian Parliament in late June 2018, and the Marine and Coastal Act is expected to come into effect on 1 August 2018. With this change, the Victorian Coastal Council will be replaced in early 2018-19 by a new Marine and Coastal Council. We wish the new Council every success in building Victoria’s ability to manage marine and coastal areas.
The first Victorian Coastal Council was established in 1995. After 23 years and at the end of a productive three years, the final Victorian Coastal Council wants to thank the many people and organisations that have supported and helped us and previous Councils to get our work done and improve the way we look after our coasts.
The Council especially thanks the many volunteers, community groups and individuals that are the “main stay” of how Victoria understands, manages and protects its coast line. It is your passion and dedication that inspires us all.

The Victorian Coastal Council has published a report about the likely future impacts of climate change on the state’s coastal and marine environments, and how we can meet these challenges.

In coming years, Victoria’s coastal regions will face changes in rainfall, wind and wave patterns, rising sea level, more extreme storms, and warmer and more acidic oceans. Climate change is likely to have considerable impacts on marine life, habitats, ecosystems, landforms and coastal culture as well as infrastructure. All have flow-on effects for our society and the economy.

The summary report aims to help the community and coastal managers understand how our coastline is likely to change and to stimulate important public discussions about how we can best prepare for these changes. This is accompanied by a full report that explores the likely impacts and identifies key knowledge gaps and research priorities that can inform coastal managers. 

Given the complexity embedded in how climate change affects our inter-linked coastal systems, the report highlights the importance of scientists, managers and the community collaborating to build our understanding of marine and coastal ecosystems.

The report is the culmination of a thorough review by a panel of scientific experts that supports the Council. Its release is one of the final actions of the Victorian Coastal Council before its responsibilities transition to the new Marine and Coastal Council later in 2018.

Victoria’s Coasts: Preparing for the future (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Victoria's Coast and Marine Environments under projected Climate Change - Impacts, Research Gaps and Priorities (PDF, 7.6 MB)

The Victorian Coastal Council hosted the awards last Thursday 17 May, which recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of individuals, groups and organisations in protecting and enhancing Victoria’s unique marine and coastal environment.

Over 220 guests from volunteer groups, committees of management, non-governmental organisations and state agencies attended the awards ceremony at Encore in St Kilda.

Minister Lily D'Ambrosio presented the winners, selected from finalists across seven categories.

This year’s awards attracted a diverse and impressive list of nominations, with 55 submissions for projects and initiatives from across the entirety of Victoria’s unique coastline.

These included programs and projects dealing with habitat restoration, the built environment, biodiversity conservation, research and monitoring, and climate change adaptation.

Completing the evening, Marg O’Toole was recognised for ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement’ for her contributions to coastal and marine research, planning, management and environmental education in Victoria for over 25 years.

With the introduction of the new Marine and Coastal Act, the evening also provided a chance to look ahead to the opportunities and initiatives that will be promoted through these reforms and the accompanying Transition Plan ‘Strengthening Victoria's Marine and Coastal Management’.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners .

The Victorian Coastal Council welcomed the opportunity to comment on the Belfast Coastal Reserve Draft Management Plan. Prepared by Parks Victoria, the draft coastal management plan describes the current condition of Belfast Coast Reserve and articulates a number of future management directions. 

Prepared as part of a public consultation process, the Council's submission draws on an the advice of an appropriately qualified sub-group of the Victorian Coastal Council Science Panel. It takes a statewide perspective and reviews alignment of the draft plan with the framework and principles of the Victorian Coastal Strategy including the Hierarchy of Principles. 

The submission can be found here (PDF, 160.0 KB)

Unfortunately there is a general knowledge gap in understanding coastal and marine environments which can reduce concern over issues. By working together we can create a shared knowledge base that will help us navigate the issues of climate change and its effects on the coast and marine communities to find innovative solutions that will safeguard us into the future.

The upcoming "Connecting Coastal Champions" event hosted by the Central Coastal Board provides an excellent opportunity to learn, connect and celebrate with others the leading thinking and inspirational actions across our marine and coastal community.

With numbers limited register soon to be involved. For more information, please see the Connecting Coastal Champions website.

The 2017 Victorian Land Care Awards were held at Government House on September 1, hosted by Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, to honour the achievements of agricultural and environmental champions. The Victorian Coast Council extends congratulations to the all winners for their outstanding achievements and commendations to all nominees for their efforts and commitment to Landcare. 

A special congratulations to the Friends of Beware Reef group, winners of the SureGro Coastcare award! Over the past fifteen years this small band of dedicated divers has made hundreds of boat trips offshore to conduct underwater surveys of marine life at Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary near Cape Conran, and many other sites. Their learnings play an important role in assisting Parks Victoria understand and protect the marine environments. The group has previously been recognised at the 2016 Victorian Coastal Awards for Excellence, hosted by the VCC.

April 28th saw the announcement that the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change has appointed Dr Anthony Boxshall as the new Chair of the Victorian Coastal Council.

Anthony, who is a current member of the Council, replaces Cathy Whelan who resigned from the role earlier this year to pursue an important external role.

Peter Beaumont, Executive Director Land Management Policy, DELWP noted that it was "great to have someone with Anthony's marine and coastal experience take on the role as the Government continues to progress its commitment to develop a new Marine and Coastal Act and establish improved management arrangements.”

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