Patrols will target jet-skiers and boaties along the Mornington Peninsula coastline in the lead-up to and during Australia Day 2016 celebrations.

With peak boating season in full swing, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Port Phillip Region is deploying its own jet skis and patrol boat in an effort to protect the Bay's dolphins, seals and other marine life.

DELWP Compliance Officer Abby Smith said: "We're now ramping up our patrols all along the peninsula coastline where we expect hundreds of jet skiers and boaties to be present in the lead-up to and during the Australia Day holiday period.

"We're partnering with other organisations like the Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation to provide a visible presence and take action when necessary to ensure people are doing the right thing by the Bay's wildlife.

"Having so many recreational users on the water will disturb the behavioural patterns of dolphins and other precious species, so we ask people to behave responsibly and minimise any interactions with the Bay's wildlife.

"If you're using a vessel in the Bay and happen to be in close proximity to a dolphin, whale, seal or other wildlife - reduce your speed to five knots or less and drive away from the animal."

High impact vessels like jet skis must remain 300m away from whales and dolphins. Recreational boats must remain 100m away from dolphins and 200m from whales, except if approached.

Those who fail to comply with the laws could face an on-the-spot fine of $228; or a penalty up to $3033 if the matter is more serious and proceeds to court.

This summer, DELWP patrols are a collaborative effort between Port of Melbourne, Parks Victoria, Victoria Police and the Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation.

For more information on the regulations, visit or call 136 186. To report sick, injured or distressed marine wildlife call the AGL Marine Response Unit on 0447 158 676.