Image of status for Little Penguins, showing Very Good result, Declining trend and Low data confidence.

Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) are top order predators and their role in the marine ecosystem food web serves as a valuable indicator. Changes in their population, diet, foraging range and success relate to changes in overall marine health. The status of the Little Penguin was last informed by data reported in 2019-2020. A new monitoring program is underway with advancements in scientific methods to better quantify the little penguin population at St Kilda. Importantly, the Little Penguin is recognised as a tourism asset and an iconic species for the Port Phillip Bay region. In Port Phillip Bay the construction of the St Kilda breakwater in 1956 for the Melbourne Olympics incidentally provided habitat to support the Little Penguin colony, currently estimated at 1,400 individuals and approximately 400 breeding penguins. The new data and information will be incorporated into future status assessments.

Image of a Little Penguin, looking up to the camera

Photo credit: Flossy Sperring

Data Source: Earthcare St Kilda
Map source: developed by DEECA, Phillip Island Nature Parks, Earthcare St Kilda and Monash University based on available data and expert opinion.
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