Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan

Image of the front cover of the Port Phillip Bay Enivornmental Management Plan 2017-2027 document, showing marine scenes

Port Phillip Bay has social, economic and environmental values for communities and visitors. The Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017–2027 (EMP)'s vision is:

A healthy Port Phillip Bay that is valued and cared for by all Victorians.

The EMP is authorised under the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 and sets out priority goals and actions for achieving environmental targets and beneficial use objectives. The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) in partnership with Melbourne Water and the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) coordinated the development of the EMP over a two and a half year period. Community and stakeholder groups input and knowledge helped to shape the vision and long-term aspirations, goals, priority areas, and actions identified in the EMP.

Learn more about the EMP Delivery Plan, its Framework, Governance and Reporting approach.

EMP Full Plan  EMP Summary

The EMP applies to the Bay and its feed in catchments as shown in the image below. In managing the health of Port Phillip Bay, the EMP also seeks to influence the management of surrounding and connecting rivers and catchments, and all inputs they bring to the Bay.

Goals of the EMP

The EMP focuses action and investment on priority issues affecting Bay health. Priorities were identified through investigations, and community and agency consultation. Goals, priority areas, and actions in the EMP are based on:

  • What scientific investigation has identified as key threats to the health of the Bay.
  • Actions stakeholders and the broader community want.
  • Issues that need more attention or coordination.
  • Actions that will have the most impact on protecting long-term Bay health.

Image shows a table describing the vision, goals, priority areas and strategies of the EMP

The EMP's 3 main goals guide future action and investment over the plan's 10 year timeframe:

  • Stewardship of the Bay is fostered across community, industry and government.
  • Water quality is improved to ensure environmental health and community enjoyment of the Bay.
  • Port Phillip Bay's habitats and marine life are thriving.

The below timeline shows key milestones and reporting elements of the EMP. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some delays to the planned timeframe.

Image displayed detials chronological timeline of years when key documents have been published such as indices, annual reports and delivery plans

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