Image of status for Litter Index, showing Fair result, Improving trend and Medium data confidence.

The Litter Index method was used to calculate the 2021-2022 results. The status has improved from Poor to Fair over the last 3 years since reporting to LitterWatch started in 2019. After calculating the composition and density of litter around the Bay, the trend is currently Improving.

Data for this report has been sourced from LitterWatch Victoria. Due to different numbers of surveys occurring across different years, a confidence assessment has been applied to the results to ensure that the reliability of the data is evaluated. Approximately 60% of all LitterWatch surveys occurred in the local government area of City of Port Phillip, and in Greater Geelong. Therefore, the results are more representative of those areas than other locations in and around Port Phillip Bay.

Plastic currently accounts for 85% of the litter recorded. The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) implemented a key method to target plastic; the single-use plastic bag ban which started in 2019 and data will be examined as part of future reporting for declines in plastic bag litter.

For a more detailed view on how these results were determined, please view the methodology section.

Image of map from LitterWatch Victoria webpage.

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