Image of status for Southern Sand Flathead, showing Poor result, Declining trend and High data confidence.

The status of Southern Sand Flathead (Platycephalus bassensis) in Port Phillip Bay in 2021-2022 was Poor and the trend is Declining. This status is informed by available time-series data from the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) indicating biomass from commercial Catch Per Unit Effort for haul seine in Port Phillip Bay. The confidence score for this data is High.

The most important fishery for the southern sand flathead is in Port Phillip Bay. The majority of catch is taken by recreational anglers with only minor commercial harvesting. The Port Phillip Bay component of the southern sand flathead stock is a

Image of a southern sand flathead laying on bottom of sandPhoto credit: Julian Finn, Museums Victoria

predominantly self-replenishing sub-population with the primary spawning period occurring during October to March. The current stock classification by VFA, has characterised the Southern Sand Flathead stock (state-wide) as recovering. This fish stock is classified as high relative importance for Victoria. The status was calculated using a Biological Quality Ratio. For more detail on how this status was calculated view the methodology section.

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