Under the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), in conjunction with Melbourne Water and the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA), is responsible for implementing the Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017-2027 (EMP), and for monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement activities.

DEECA provides coordination and support functions for the people who can, and do, make a difference to the health of Port Phillip Bay. Managing Port Phillip Bay is complex, with numerous government agencies and community organisations involved in its care and use. The governance arrangements for implementation of the EMP are illustrated in the figure below.

Image shows EMP governance groups and the links between them

Governance groups ensure the implementation of the EMP is aligned to and delivered, by complementary regional plans and strategies. You can learn more about the governance of the EMP in the Delivery Plan.

Page last updated: 17/04/24