Cape Paterson to Cape Liptrap (Inverloch and Venus Bay)

Visit the Cape to Cape Resilience Project webpage to find out more about what’s going on at Inverloch, Venus Bay, Anderson Inlet and other coastal areas between Cape Paterson to Cape Liptrap.

Jam Jerrup

  • Location: Jam Jerrup
  • Timing: Mangrove plantings completed in February 2022. Revetment and earth works completed in July 2021.
  • Details: The Jam Jerrup coastline has been experiencing significant erosion that is impacting on native vegetation, public access and safety in the area.

DEECA, in partnership with the Bass Coast Shire Council, University of Melbourne and Lang Lang Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management, has developed an erosion management plan that focuses on a hybrid approach to combat erosion in the area.

Different methods of hard-structure coastal defence, including an extension of the existing rock revetment, have been combined with a trial planting of mangroves – a nature-based method led by the University of Melbourne.

A 150-metre rock revetment has been placed to extend the existing revetment and avoid further terminal scouring, alongside earthworks to cut and reshape the cliff face to make the site safer.

Over 150 mangroves have been planted in concrete planter clusters, which will be monitored and maintained by the University of Melbourne for the next three years.

Lakes Entrance

  • Location: Bullock Island Lakes Entrance, LEFL building
  • Timing: Construction 2023. Investigation and design completed in 2022.
  • Details: The LEFL seawall is in poor condition, impacting the LEFL building upon it. This project seeks structural engineering advice to inform the future repairs and maintenance required for the longevity of the seawall into the future.
  • Location: Northern shoreline of Cunninghame Arm, Lakes Entrance, adjacent to the Ocean Rescue (Australian Volunteer Coast Guard) building.
  • Timing: Completed June 2022.
  • Details: The old seawall protected the building foundations and foreshore reserve from erosion. Its condition had deteriorated significantly over the last three years. The new precast concrete panel and steel pile seawall offers increased protection for the reserve and Ocean Rescue buildings and infrastructure for years to come and allows for safer public access and recreation.

Lang Lang

Coastal adaptation planning is due to commence in January 2024. Adaptation planning will allow DEECA and land managers in the area to better understand coastal risks and hazards and start developing adaptation options and plans for the foreshore.

Loch Sport

Visit the Enage Victoria Loch Sport Foreshore Coastal Erosion page for more details.

  • Location: Eastern half of the town adjacent to Lake Victoria.
  • Timing: Project commenced in May 2023 and is due to be finalised by June 2024.
  • Details: DEECA has engaged consulting firm BMT Commercial Australia Pty Ltd to commence action on the immediate steps recommended in the 2022 Loch Sport Foreshore Coastal Processes & Options Assessment.

This work involves:

  • Detailed topographic survey and aerial photography to support the design of immediate actions
  • Landslide Risk Assessment conducted on the 550 metre stretch along the high dune bluff area (identified in the 2022 report as Areas 4 and 5)
  • Protection requirements and Options Assessment for Areas 4 and 5
  • Concept designs for walking track relocation in highly impacted sites
  • Options assessment for protection of the Seagull Drive boat ramp car park. Note that this area replaced "Area 7" in the original report due to Area 7 being Council freehold land, and the Seagull drive car park experiencing an exacerbation of erosion since the 2022 report
  • Sediment sampling to inform borrow sites for renourishment works
  • Detailed design for a small groyne field proposed for Seagull drive boat ramp car park


  • Location: Betka River mouth, south of Mallacoota
  • Timing: Completed June 2022.
  • Details: The 70-metre Betka Beach timber seawall was damaged in the 2019-2020 bushfires. DEECA replaced the seawall with a horizontal concrete seawall of the same dimensions and with design improvements to meet fire safety specifications and boost its resilience to extreme weather events. The passive recreational vessel access ramp and staircase have also been replaced with fireproof structures.

Ninety Mile Beach

  • Location: a 25-kilometre strip of land located between Bass Strait and Lake Reeve that extends north of the Honeysuckles to Paradise Beach.
  • Timing: Acquisition of high-priority lots will commence early 2024.
  • Details: DEECA is working with partners to achieve a long-term solution for affected lots at Ninety Mile Beach.
  • Visit the Ninety Mile Beach Compulsory Acquisition Program webpage for more information about this project.

Port Welshpool

  • Location: Port Welshpool Ferry Terminal
  • Timing: Construction to commence in 2023. The options study and designs were prepared in October 2022.
  • Details: The Port Welshpool seawall, which protects a road and provides access to a commercial wharf and ferry services, is in poor condition. An investigation seeking structural engineering advice to inform the future repairs and maintenance required for the longevity of the seawall into the future is complete.


  • Location: Rhyll boat ramp, Phillip Island
  • Timing: First stage completed September 2022.
  • Details: Bass Coast Shire Council, with support from DEECA, completed a new concrete panel seawall to replace an existing 85 metres of seawall at Denne Bight, Rhyll. This project was part of the redevelopment of the Rhyll Boat Ramp Facility that Bass Coast Shire delivered in partnership with Better Boating Victoria (BBV). Further sections of the seawall will be completed as funding becomes available.


A Coastal Processes study is due to commence in January 2024. This study will assist DEECA and other land managers and community members in the selected sites in understanding coastal risks and hazards.

The study will commence with Silverleaves as a priority site, and include other areas in Cowes, Newhaven, San Remo, Kilcunda and Grantville.

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