Image of status for Reef Invertebrates, showing Good result, Improving trend and medium data confidence.

The status of reef invertebrates in Port Phillip Bay in 2022-2023 was Good and the trend is Improving. This status is informed by the latest available time-series data indicating mean density and species richness.. The confidence score for this data is Low.

Reef invertebrate species can influence the growth and survival of organisms that form reef habitat. Invertebrate size, abundance and species diversity are some of the key elements used to assess the overall condition of reef systems.

The status was calculated using a Biological Quality Ratio from data provided by Reef Life Survey and the Victorian Subtidal Reef Monitoring Program. For more detail on how this status was calculated view the methodology section.

Image of a white and orange spotted nudibranch

Photo Credit: Chromodoris tasmaniensis, on a pink sponge. Image by: Julian Finn / Museum Victoria, Rights/Licence: CC BY (Attribution)

Data Source: Reef Life Survey
Map Data Source: Reef Life Survey
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