Image of status for waterbirds, showing Good result, Declining trend and Medium data confidence.

The current status of waterbirds in Port Phillip Bay is Good and the trend is Declining. This status is informed by available time-series data indicating abundance data of 47 species. The confidence score for this data is Medium.

Changes in waterbird abundance is a good indicator of the state of the marine environment. These birds forage select prey with diverse traits (body size, bill shape, leg length), at various depths and habitats such as nearshore, offshore, estuaries, wetlands and habitat

Photo of a cormorant flying across waterPhoto credit: Dr. Andrew Browne

types. The status was calculated using a Biological Quality Ratio, from data collected by BirdLife Australia applying the Living Planet Index methodology. For more detail on how this status was calculated view the methodology section.

Data Citation: BLA (2023) Birdata Platform Extraction, BirdLife Australia, Melbourne.
Map Data Source: CoastKit
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