Image of status for Common Dolphin, showing Good result, Improving trend and medium data confidence.

The status of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in Port Phillip Bay in 2021-2022 was Good and the trend is Increasing. In 2005, a community of short-beaked common dolphins, a usually oceanic species, established residency in south-eastern Port Phillip Bay between Mt Eliza and McCrae. The community comprises resident and transient dolphins, with some known to move between Port Phillip and the Bass Coast, near Phillip Island.

The number of identified individuals using Port Phillip has grown steadily since 2005, with the second and third generations having also been successfully born inside the Bay since this species first established residency in 2005. The third generation currently comprises 6 individuals born between 2019 and 2023. Estimates of reproductive

Image of Common Dolphin slightly leaping out of the water

Credit: Dolphin Research Institute

success are currently being calculated and will be included in future reporting. Anthropogenic pressures on these dolphins are evident through significant physical trauma to some animals. It is unknown whether these injuries were acquired within or outside of Port Phillip. However, they appear to recover well, showing resilience to the pressures of living in an urban environment.

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