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LitterWatch launched in July 2020. It is a publicly accessible system to manage and view different datasets. Data is provided by individuals, community groups and other organisations either directly into the system or via Beach Patrol's LitterStopper app. Users can utilise various methods to complete their surveys and upload their data.

Communities, organisations and government invest time and resources to manage litter. They also often collect information about litter composition and amount. The data collected provides valuable information and trends. If the data is consistent, stored together, and shareable it would help identify where to focus future effort and investment.

We created LitterWatch with Victorian groups active in litter management. We will continue to work together towards consistent and comparable litter data.

LitterWatch Vision

Litter and plastic pollution are increasing challenges. The vision of this project is a public statewide dataset of litter. This will be easy to access and use for reporting, planning, policy making and engagement.

Data from LitterWatch Victoria supports priority actions in the Port Phillip Bay EMP.

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Page last updated: 17/04/24