Image of logos related to each EMP goal with the Stewardship logo highlighted in a different colour.

The Stewardship goal covers 2 priority areas of Connect and Inspire and, Empower Action (work together). The Marine and Coastal Stewardship Index (MCSI) identifies a methodology for evaluating stewardship activities. Results are used to drive continuous improvement and reports back to our funding programs. The index has been developed to represent the concentration of effort and interest in marine and coastal environments, and track changes over time.

The MCSI categorises activities into 4 areas; Comprehensive, Focused, Enterprising and Supporting. These categories are underpinned by 5 indicators:

  • environmental objectives
  • effort
  • outcomes
  • accountability
  • adaptive management.

The holistic goal is to have a equal representation of each category which is further described in the MCSI document.


Image shows the Coastcare logo Image shows the Port Phillip Bay Fund banner

Page last updated: 17/04/24