CoastKit has been developed by DELWP to provide an online data repository for the community to explore and use Victoria’s marine and coastal information. CoastKit promotes standardised data classification for collection, reporting, monitoring, assessment and evaluation.

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The CoastKit web portal allows you to zoom in and out, pan around the map, identify features, overlay map layers, perform queries, and create printable pdf maps or images.

The site is structured for easy navigation and displays information on the following themes:

  • Beaches of Victoria
  • Coastal Assets, Infrastructure and Shorelines
  • Coastal Hazard Assessments
  • Coastal Wetlands and Waterways
  • Fish Habitat Distribution Maps
  • Marine and Coastal Feature Atlas
  • Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan (EMP) - spatial representation of project and activity locations that occur within Port Phillip Bay and its catchments.
  • Victorian Biotope Atlas
  • Planning and Administration
  • Bathymetry and Topography

All datasets displayed on CoastKit can found in the public domain and curated for inclusion on the Victoria Spatial Data Library, aligning with data sharing best practice standards.

Page last updated: 26/11/20