DELWP released a draft Marine and Coastal Strategy in August 2021 and is now finalising the Strategy for government endorsement. You can view the draft at Engage Victoria. The Strategy is a plan for on ground action that will begin implementing the objectives of the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 and the outcomes of the Marine and Coastal Policy 2020 across Victoria.

The Strategy intends to:

  • Empower Traditional Owners to fully integrate cultural values, uses and practices in the healing and ongoing management of Country.
  • Build the foundations for long term climate adaptation in Victoria’s marine and coastal environment.
  • Improve integration and co-ordination across governments, industries, and communities when planning and managing marine and coastal areas.
  • Build the skills and capability of communities, managers, and governments to effectively plan and manage for a healthy and resilient marine and coastal environment.

The Marine and Coastal Act 2018 creates the legislative framework to make a Marine and Coastal Policy and Strategy. It also outlines principles and objectives for planning and managing our marine and coastal environment, so that future generations can continue to experience and enjoy its multiple benefits.

The Marine and Coastal Policy 2020 released in March 2020, sets a 15-year vision for “A healthy, dynamic and biodiverse marine and coastal environment that is valued in its own right, and that benefits the Victorian community, now and in the future.” The Policy also provides guidance for planning and decision making in the marine and coastal environment based on the Act’s principles and objectives.

The Strategy will identify how we will achieve the Policy’s vision. It is the first of three five-year strategies. It outlines priority actions to achieve the intended outcomes of the Policy over the next 15 years, including timeframes and responsibilities for delivery.

The Strategy is being finalised by the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning, working closely with Traditional Owners and the Victorian Marine and Coastal Council and in consultation with state government departments, local government, marine and coastal managers and peak bodies with marine and coastal interests.