The Victorian Government is developing a statewide Marine and Coastal Strategy (the strategy); with guidance from the Victorian Marine and Coastal Council and Traditional Owners.  The strategy will be drafted with input from marine and coastal managers, peak groups and associations, as well as government agencies with responsibilities for the marine and coastal environment.

The strategy will give effect to the Marine and Coastal Policy which guides decision makers in the planning, management and sustainable use of Victoria’s marine and coastal environment.

A new strategy is to be prepared every 5 years. This means that each Strategy will reflect a point in time in the 15-year life of the policy. This first Strategy will be developed during 2020 and finalised in 2021. A draft strategy will be released for public comment.

The strategy will set out a pathway for achieving the long-term outcomes of the Marine and Coastal Policy 2020.  It will include an implementation plan identifying priority actions to be completed over the next five years, and outline responsibility for delivery and timeframes.